ESTA Sweden

20051129_073Svenska Stråklärarförbundet (Swedish String Teachers Association, legal name in Sweden) is a non-profit organization with nearly 500 members, mostly professional string teachers. Our members are spread all over Sweden and working in music colleges, folk high schools with music programmes, upper secondary schools with aesthetic programmes, municipal music or art schools and in adult education associations and privately.

Svenska Stråklärarförbundet
is aiming to promote string pedagogics and other music education (no trade-union or financial interests) through meetings, lectures/further training and publications and in other appropriate ways. The association organizes national String Days, study days (further training days) in connection with the annual meeting and autumn meeting and regional arrangements. Our member magazine ESTA News is published four times a year and features articles and pedagogical material. Mr. Fredrik Ström is the editor ( The Board also nominates candidates for a number of pedagogical prices and awards.

Svenska Stråklärarförbundet is the Swedish branch of the European String Teachers Association (ESTA), which was formed in 1972 by Marianne Kroemer from Graz in Austria, after the model of ASTA, the American String Teachers Association. Early also Max Rostal and Yehudi Menuhin contributed to establishing ESTA across Europe. ESTA is the umbrella organization for more than 30 national European string teachers associations with totally about 5000 members. Among other things, ESTA organizes an annual international conference hosted by the member states in circulation. Next ESTA conference is organized in Malta, April 10 to 24, 2018, as Valetta is one of two European Capitals of Cultural 2018. (The other one is Leewarden in Netherlands). More information here: ESTA 2018 Valetta

Svenska Stråklärarförbundet was established in 1973 in Stockholm. We are proud that our association throughout the years has gathered lots of skilled, engaged and passionate string teachers and that we can give them opportunities to share experiences and ideas. The association has in all the years promoted string pedagogics in music and art schools, upper secondary music schools, folk high schools and music colleges. An important part of the association’s job is to provide inspiring further training in various forms and to promote opportunities for international pedagogical contacts. Svenska Stråklärarförbundet is one of the largest national associations within the ESTA and have organized three international ESTA conferences in Sweden: in Stockholm 1979, In Arvika 1991 and in Falun 2011.